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launched negotiations on the biggest bilateral trade deal in history, a deal between the eu and the u.s. that could be worth 10 billion pounds to britain alone. we agreed on a declaration that should ensure companies pay their taxes, governments are transparent by their income, and the world endorses free trade. we have continued to promote british business abroad, with more foreign direct investment in britain this year than in any other country on our planet. we negotiated a real term cut in the eu budget, and we set out plans for a more competitive and flexible european union and promised to the british people a referendum on a settlement that we reached. we honored our promises to the poorest in the world, vaccinating a child against diseases that can kill every two seconds over the last year. we continue to help around the world, as we are today in the philippines, where the typhoon has brought such appalling devastation. britain is contributing 10 million pounds, and hms dary, currently deployed near singapore, with shortly be heading. eat towards the disaster zone, with further s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)